Perrin (two fangs) Gaurdson


Name; Perrin (Two Fangs) Gaurdson. Class;Fighter/Rogue (variant). Level;5. Race;Human. Gender;Male. Age;15. Height;5’10”. Weight;155 lbs. Eyes;Blue. Hair;Light Brown. Alilgnment;C.G. STR;13. DEX;19. CON;18. INT;18. WIS;16. CHA;13. Fortitude save;7. Reflex save;7. Will save;6. BAB;5. Total attact bonus;14. Hit points;54. Initiative; +4. AC;21. Speed;30.

Skills,Class Features* and Feats; Appraise-12. Bluff-10. Disable Device-12. Hide-12. Listen-12. Move Silently-12. Open Lock-12. Search-12. Sense Motive-12. Speak Language-8. Spot-12. Tumble-12. Use Magic Device-9.

Languages spoken;Common. Elf. Dwarf. Orc. Giant. Halfling. Draconic. Undercommon. Reckless;+1 damage -1 attack. Dishonest;+1 bluff -2 diplomacy. Shaky;-2 ranged attack/bonus feat. Vulnerable;-1 armor class/bonus feat. *Trapfinding. *Trap sense;bonus to armor class and reflex saves to avoid traps. *Evasion;on a successfull reflex save no damage. Two Weapon Fighting;minus to penalty for fighting with two weapons. Weapon Finesse;Dagger-Dex bonus to attack instead of Str. Warrior Born;+1 to all weapon damage. Superior Finesse;Dex bonus to damage instead of Str. Point Blank Shot;+1 to ranged attack within 30 ft. Weapon focus;Dagger-+1 to melee attack with a dagger. Unarmored Defense Proficiency;bonus to armor class based on level. Unarmored Defense Focus;bonus to armor class based on level. Knife Fighter(x3);+2 attack and +2 armor class when fighting with a dagger in each hand.


Hello all my name is Perrin Two Fangs. Well ok actually my names is Perrin Tallanthirre Al’Kunz Gaurdson. But i prefer Perrin Two Fangs ‘cause it sounds more menacing. My family came to this little town about 120 years ago when my ancestor fought in the last big war. He was injured here in town and one of the local towns women helped patch him up. His injuries were way to severe for him to keep traveling with his company so they left him in her cappable hands. They later married and he became captain of the town gaurd it is still said that even with just one arm he could beat the pulp out of any rabble rouser that happened to come here looking for trouble. Well since that time my whole family has pretty much ran the town gaurd with the title of captain of the gaurd being passed down from one generation to the next. Well anyways i am the youngest male in my family with 4 older brothers 1 older sister and 3 younger sisters with the next youngest being twins. Wow the twins they are a strange lot. We are always seeing and hearing things coming from there room or places where they are at. My dad says dont worry about it but i think there is something going on with those two. The leader of the gaurds mage attachment (ok so its just some old wizard and his apprentice but hey he likes to feel important) has been coming around alot more lately and talking with dad and the twins i usually dont pay them any attention but one time i heard something about a wierd type of magic called scions or seons or something like that. Oh well its all kinda creepy if you ask me. And then there is my oldest sister in fact she is the oldest child. She got married back when i was really young but about 3 years ago her husband (who was a member of dads gaurd go figure she married a gaurdsman who didnt see that coming) helping to escort some merchants here from another border kingdom when they were attacked by some bandits was killed, well we think he was killed his body was never found but the merchants said that after repelling the attack he went after the rest of the bandits to make sure they didnt come back and try again. Dad said he was an idiot for leaving the caravan on his own and that he didnt have anything to prove, well he says that when sis isnt around because when she hears him say that she gets really mad and upset with him. Since he has been gone she has had to run her shop pretty much by herself thats why over the last couple of years dad has let me help her out well that is he lets me when i am not weapons training and drilling with the gaurdsmen. Man that stuff sucks i cant stand getting out there every morning training with this weapon training with that weapon. Dad says everyone should learn how to use all different types of weapons cause in the heat of battle you never know what weapon you will have to use. You know come to think of it there is one good thing about weapons training i have found that i am really good using a dagger in each hand no one else in my family can say they can do that. Unfortunetly that doesnt stop my dad and brothers from teasing me. They keep saying stuff about how i need to get better at useing weapons that cause lots of damage. But the more they tease me the more i am determined to show them that i will be the best knife fighter any one has ever heard about. Knife fighter. I bet your wondering how someone from a family like mine where brute strength and raw power are valued more then most everything else would come to the conclusion that fighting with a knife in each hand is the superior fighting style well i will tell you. About 3 years ago a new family moved to town a young couple with 2 little ones and one on the way. They were a nice enough family but i heard dad one day saying to keep an eye on the Thalon (the father) cause he moved like he knew how to handle himself. Sure enough dad was right one day during festivle some out of towners started some trouble with Thalon. They were saying very mean things to Thalons wife Becca she was a bar maid at one of the food tents that was set up. They kept saying things to her and trying to lift her skirt. Thalon asked them to please stop it but they were drunk. They pushed Becca to the ground and all six of them stood up to put a beat down on Thalon. Sis’s shop was right across from the tent so i got a perfect view of the whole thing. When i saw those brutes stand up me and everyone watching thought oooopppsss Thalon should have went and got the gaurd so they could handle it. Boy were we wrong. By the time dad and the boys got there Thalon had killed three of them and injured the other 3 so bad they couldnt run off. Everyone was stunned here was this quiet miled mannered fellow who just took out 6 guys that were easily the size of my brothers and looked a whole lot meaner with a pair of knives. When dad walked up Thalon just handed dad the knives and said he was sorry for taking matters into his own hands but these guys hurt his Becca and he just couldnt alow that to go unpunished. Even though Thalon declined dads offer to join the gaurd (he said his adventuring days were over now that he was married and hand kids) dad and Thalon became good friends. Thalon even gives instruction to the gaurds once in awhile but none of them seem to be able to use two weapons at the same time very well. Except me with dads permission Thalon has kinda taken me under his wing. Even though he has been trying to teach me to use all types of weapons in each hand he is more understanding about me wanting to only use knives. He says the only reason he only used knives that day was because that was all there was that he could grab at the moment even he says he wish’s it would have been a couple of swords. Guess what, one thing about Thalon i know that dad doesnt, Thalon used to be a thief yep a real thief lives right here in my town. Now i am not talking about some of these desperate people around here that steal a loaf of bread cause they are hungery i am talking about a real thief. Well since i found out i have made Thalon teach me all about being a thief. In fact you can kind of say i have been taking what dad teaches me and what Thalon teachs me and put it all together so i can become better than both of them. Well maybe eventually i will be better than both but right now i am just learning.(dad knows) Then there are my brothers and yep you guessed it all four of them are members of the gaurd. And other than the fact that they are all really big and really strong, the fact that between the lot of them they havent read a book or learned anything other than fighting since they were 2, they are good guys. Even though they tease me alot they have always protected me from being picked on by other people even other gaurds have stopped teasing me cause my brothers wont let them. You may have noticed i havent said anything about my mom, well thats because she died 6 years ago giving birth to my baby sister. From what i remember of her she was a very strong willed and independent woman, i guess you have to be living in a family like mine. Some of the local single women have tried for years to get my dads attention but i dont think he is over mom yet. Everyone that knew her says that me and the girls are just like her stubborn to a fault and kinda on the small size, compaired to my brothers and dad that is. Yeah great i had to be the only boy of the family that takes after my mom. I guess she is where i get my drive to prove to everyone that i can take one of the smallest weapons in a warriors arsenal and turn them into the deadliest things anyone has ever picked up.

Perrin (two fangs) Gaurdson

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