Icarus Ni'Haladar


Name:Icarus Ni’Haladar Class:Ranger Level:4 Size:med Spd:30 Align:C.Good * |STR:18|(+4)| |DEX:20|(+5)| |CON:14|(+2)| |INT:15|(+2)|CHA:14(+2) h4. FORT:+6 REF:+9 WILL:+4 HP:38 INIT:+5 Attk(Bow)2attks +10,+8(Feat)arrow 1d8+5 (Sword)+8 1d8+4 AC:18(10+5dex+3std.leatherarmour) h1. Racial:Immune to Sleep and +2vsenchantments,lowlight vision,+2Search,SpotandListen Languages:Common,Elven,Orc,Giant Skills:Climb+9,Craft/bow&arrow+8,Handleanimal+8,Hide+11,Jump+6,Knowledge/dungeon+7,knowledge/geography+3,Knowledge/nature+10,Knowledge/religion+4,Listen+8,Movesilent+12,Ride+9,Search+6,Spot+11,Survival+10,Swim+6,Rope+7 RANGERABILITIES/FEATS: * Track/bonus to wilderness check, WildEmpathy-D20+Rgrlvl+Cha, RapidShot-Extra attk at 2, PointBlank+1 atts within 30ft,PreciseShot-Negate penaty for shooting into melee,Endurance-+4 to physical skill checks,FAVORED ENEMIES:Giant+Giantclassmonsters.


Icarus Ni’Haladar is currently a noble(prince?)exile who is currently traveling the Border Kingdoms in search of his families Ancient Elven Moonblade “Illucardian,the Purple Blade” aka the “DragonkissedSoul” which was created by his ancestors and their dragonbonded mounts. He is the 4th son of Lord Paeris Ni’Haladar(NG Goldelf Wiz16)who has lost 2 other sons to the hunt of the moonblade. His mother, Yrlissa Ni’Haladar, died in childbirth. While adventuring in the Border Kingdoms, Icarus is aware of the evil clans gathering in region and does not use his last name or reveal to any about his lineage. He will ally with Good aligned groups to further his own quest so that he can return with the blade in hopes of uniting his people for the coming war. Icarus follows the way of the ranger due to several reasons, his homeland defense against the giantkin raids,his being handpicked apprentice to the “ForestLord” masterranger Wynter(CG Elf Rgr20)and the realization that he may be chosen/blessed by the gods.

Icarus Ni'Haladar

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