class-Druid 3/Barbarian 2 ali. cn Size M. gender – Male black hair brown eyes height 6’1” weight 220 hp-43 ac-15 str-16+3 dex-15+2 con-15+2 int-14+2 wis-18+4 cha-16+3 int+2 ba+3 for-8 ref-2 will-6 melee-6 range-5 speed 40 ft 2-daggers oversize scimitar long spears 5-javlin hide armor large wooden shield (feats)-(rage-1 fast movement, uncanny dodge, nature sense, animal companion, woodland stride, combat reflexes, amidexterity)darkvision 60’ orcs blood, languages-orc, common, gaint, Druid, draconic.


brimstone was raise by a low level druid. Slave by evil for fighting in pitfighting enterament. escape after pitfight to start rebuilding orc nation to take over the boder kingdoms under one ruler. Run for his life working on carvans gathering ifno orcs tribes.(actural a green dragon to raise a army to fight under his command.)


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