The first

"What happens in Mintar, Stays in..."

Well Icarus,Riddik,and Brimstone have started out on their first trek. They are looking for several tomes for the church of Oghma(Tomes of WORLDLY MIGHT/ANCIENT LORE/TRUE LIGHT)and by getting these tomes, they will each recieve valuable information to further their own needs. They have traveled to Mintar as Caravan guards hired by Voth a human mercanary of the local Adv.guild. The road there gets the threesome their first fight as a group against a ettin sneaking upon the camped caravan. Upon reaching the city of Mintarn it appears getting to the temple of Oghma is no easy task. The church Bane has taken control of the city and declared martial law with harsh treatment of the local population,Banites destroy most places of worship throughout the city except for church of Oghma. Once inside the city, Icarus and Riddick(who has knowledge of the city)begin plotting the break-in. Not having a thief in the party and seeing the church was well guarded the took the direct approach the front door. Mayhem ensues (several guard fights and killing of captive priest of Oghma WHOOPS!) they barely escaped with their lives and don’t know if they got what they are after. Now they need to find a way out of the city since they believe they have been followed by drow.


curch of bane

The first

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