The Chronicles of Riddik v 1

9-12-1475 DR...We’ve caught passage back to Mintar on a cargo ship and had no problem re-entering the city. The group was given a new message from Araon to return to Flameblade, but we were unable to make contact with him. I was able to return to the seware to seach for the signs of the warehouse entrance but we ran into some Lizardmen that needed a attitude adjustment…I will continue to look for the sign at a later date. 9-14-1475 DR.... We’ve travled up the River Minta and discovered the remains of the fort used by the Crimsion Swords over 100 years ago. I get a sence of something familar with this place. All was quite minus the ghost that haunts the upper level of the keep. He seems to have gone crazy over the years trapped as a ghost, because he wanted us to kill a entire elfvin family named Ni’Haladar...or something like that…sucks to be that famliy….hope they breed like rabbits. I’ve got to go now I’m not feeling very well, and have some type of rash on both my arms….



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