Riddick's left out information (typical!)

The wrong way to fight Drow, Part 1

Escaping from Mintarn with the stolen books is no easy task for the 3 adventurers Riddick,Icarus and Brimstone. They make way back to there original tavern destination and gain two more companions Calsifer, a halfling druid and Perrin, a young human daggerfighter. The five of them leave the tavern as things get hot running thru the streets of Mintarn looking for another exit. While trying to outrun guardsmen, the group gets into a dead end alley. Behind them speaks a elvish voice. The drow have found them…...

The drow ask to hand over the goods or else be destroyed. The group notices there are more drow on the rooftops above the alley. Before any type of parley can be agreed upon, the drow let loose their first volley of poison darts. Icarus drops from the poison, then Perrin, Brimstone is panicked (fear effect) from a shadow mastif the drow wizard summoned. Riddick charges thru a side doorway in the alley carrying Icarus thru the building towards a exit. As things look grim for Calsifer and Brimstone, a new combatant emerges, Flameblade the warrior…

Flameblade turns the tide and gets the party to safety underneath the city. He tells us of a potential new foe the drow wizard Thanian (i think?)and some interesting background on Lindell Fireblade. We get a mini quest from him to deliver a scroll to Areon the elf, a cleric of Helm back in Saelmur. The group is shown a magical gate which can transport them back safely to Saelmur (there may be other gates to find!!). They present books to Magdove Loyaler of church of Oghma and scroll to Areon. Both scholars reveal vital information to the group. 1.The last battle between Crimson Swords(Good guys)and the Skulls(bad guys)took place in Theymarsh. We may find items of power here. 2.The Magetower in Mintarn released a Marilith(demon)within city. Better have magical items for that powerful foe!! 3.The Crimson Swords last know base of operations was a keep just north of Mintarn.(this could be a base for new group,hint,hint!!)



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