Chronicles of Riddik v.2

Letter sent to The House of the Full Moon in Wateredeep

We’ve meet up with Icurus and took him back to the stronghold to see the ghost, but it was no longer there when we arrived. I’ve come to the conclusion that this fort is only visable during the full moon. The predictions are as planed it seems. Mintar prophecy is true. I have noticed a change in the daytime, no longer do I cast a shadow, also have developed elaborate scorpion tattoo’s on both arms. The group seems to be getting along well considering the mix of agendas the group has. The Elf seems to know more than he is letting on. We’ll be heading back to Saelmur and then to Theymarsh to gather more info.

Journal entry We left Theymarsh empty handed, and settled in a town called Dunbridges a two day travel from.



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