A Dragon defeated, a Vampire released..
Feb 8th, 2009

The group has been sent out to the countryside looking for the magical bracers of the succubi Tyleena. She appears to be a Redeamed Soul and the bracers allow her to wield good aligned magical weapons. Riddick, Perrin, Icarus, Brimstone and Calsifer encounter Orcs along the way to Grasfell village. The Orcs position in the woods along each side of the path using the trees as cover. What starts as a Orc ambush turns into a Orc Slaughterfest. Perrin quickly dashes up the left side off the path to take down an orc. Riddick and Calsifer both use missle weapons to slay 2 Orcs and Icarus kills the other 3 Orcs in quick elven ranger style.p.

The village of Grasfell was once rumored to have a resident Mage who may have had the bracers. The group meets the town sheriff, Arag the Hammer, an older adventurer turned village guardian. Arag tells the group that the Mage Elizar Randed-Hand turned evil so the villagers turned against him. They sealed him in his keep a half day’s travel from the village. Arag also states that there are possible Blue Dragon sightings from some villagers. Shepard Hodge and Nadia the Blacksmith both confirm the dragon sightings and point the direction of the dragon’s flight is same direction as Elizar’s Keep. p.

The next day, the group enters the keep and gets there first encounter with the Blue Dragon. Riddick and Brimstone are the first to enter since they have darkvision. It is still difficult to see and they get attacked by the Blue in a large room. Perrin and Icarus get light sources and arrive followed by Calsipher. The heroes use all the resources available to defeat their first challenging creature, a young adult blue dragon. They are able to strip it of valuable parts and take back to town to SinegRoot, village alchemist. The groups victory is shortlived when they learn that Shepard Hodge has been killed. p.

They return to the Keep and after going thru the maze of rooms and corridors, the heroes come before Elizar’s room. There is strong anti magic around the outside of the room as they open the door. The room is dark and they hear the voice of Elizar. “Allow me to pass and you can have the bracers” says Elizar. the group steps back as the man gets closer to the door still in shadow. By the time he is outside among them, they are in a antimagic zone with a Vampire! He leaves the bracers in the room as promised but destroys the village of Grasfell upon his release.

Chronicles of Riddik v.2

Letter sent to The House of the Full Moon in Wateredeep

We’ve meet up with Icurus and took him back to the stronghold to see the ghost, but it was no longer there when we arrived. I’ve come to the conclusion that this fort is only visable during the full moon. The predictions are as planed it seems. Mintar prophecy is true. I have noticed a change in the daytime, no longer do I cast a shadow, also have developed elaborate scorpion tattoo’s on both arms. The group seems to be getting along well considering the mix of agendas the group has. The Elf seems to know more than he is letting on. We’ll be heading back to Saelmur and then to Theymarsh to gather more info.

Journal entry We left Theymarsh empty handed, and settled in a town called Dunbridges a two day travel from.

Riddick's left out information (typical!)
The wrong way to fight Drow, Part 1

Escaping from Mintarn with the stolen books is no easy task for the 3 adventurers Riddick,Icarus and Brimstone. They make way back to there original tavern destination and gain two more companions Calsifer, a halfling druid and Perrin, a young human daggerfighter. The five of them leave the tavern as things get hot running thru the streets of Mintarn looking for another exit. While trying to outrun guardsmen, the group gets into a dead end alley. Behind them speaks a elvish voice. The drow have found them…...

The drow ask to hand over the goods or else be destroyed. The group notices there are more drow on the rooftops above the alley. Before any type of parley can be agreed upon, the drow let loose their first volley of poison darts. Icarus drops from the poison, then Perrin, Brimstone is panicked (fear effect) from a shadow mastif the drow wizard summoned. Riddick charges thru a side doorway in the alley carrying Icarus thru the building towards a exit. As things look grim for Calsifer and Brimstone, a new combatant emerges, Flameblade the warrior…

Flameblade turns the tide and gets the party to safety underneath the city. He tells us of a potential new foe the drow wizard Thanian (i think?)and some interesting background on Lindell Fireblade. We get a mini quest from him to deliver a scroll to Areon the elf, a cleric of Helm back in Saelmur. The group is shown a magical gate which can transport them back safely to Saelmur (there may be other gates to find!!). They present books to Magdove Loyaler of church of Oghma and scroll to Areon. Both scholars reveal vital information to the group. 1.The last battle between Crimson Swords(Good guys)and the Skulls(bad guys)took place in Theymarsh. We may find items of power here. 2.The Magetower in Mintarn released a Marilith(demon)within city. Better have magical items for that powerful foe!! 3.The Crimson Swords last know base of operations was a keep just north of Mintarn.(this could be a base for new group,hint,hint!!)

The Chronicles of Riddik v 1

9-12-1475 DR...We’ve caught passage back to Mintar on a cargo ship and had no problem re-entering the city. The group was given a new message from Araon to return to Flameblade, but we were unable to make contact with him. I was able to return to the seware to seach for the signs of the warehouse entrance but we ran into some Lizardmen that needed a attitude adjustment…I will continue to look for the sign at a later date. 9-14-1475 DR.... We’ve travled up the River Minta and discovered the remains of the fort used by the Crimsion Swords over 100 years ago. I get a sence of something familar with this place. All was quite minus the ghost that haunts the upper level of the keep. He seems to have gone crazy over the years trapped as a ghost, because he wanted us to kill a entire elfvin family named Ni’Haladar...or something like that…sucks to be that famliy….hope they breed like rabbits. I’ve got to go now I’m not feeling very well, and have some type of rash on both my arms….

The first
"What happens in Mintar, Stays in..."

Well Icarus,Riddik,and Brimstone have started out on their first trek. They are looking for several tomes for the church of Oghma(Tomes of WORLDLY MIGHT/ANCIENT LORE/TRUE LIGHT)and by getting these tomes, they will each recieve valuable information to further their own needs. They have traveled to Mintar as Caravan guards hired by Voth a human mercanary of the local Adv.guild. The road there gets the threesome their first fight as a group against a ettin sneaking upon the camped caravan. Upon reaching the city of Mintarn it appears getting to the temple of Oghma is no easy task. The church Bane has taken control of the city and declared martial law with harsh treatment of the local population,Banites destroy most places of worship throughout the city except for church of Oghma. Once inside the city, Icarus and Riddick(who has knowledge of the city)begin plotting the break-in. Not having a thief in the party and seeing the church was well guarded the took the direct approach the front door. Mayhem ensues (several guard fights and killing of captive priest of Oghma WHOOPS!) they barely escaped with their lives and don’t know if they got what they are after. Now they need to find a way out of the city since they believe they have been followed by drow.


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